Accounting & Finance for Bankers
About the Book
Accounting & Finance For Bankers is a book that provides its readers with a great deal of insight into the banking sector, while also providing them with tremendous amounts of information on accounting and various related practices in business organizations.
Accounting & Finance For Bankers is for those who are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of concepts pertaining to accounts and banking.
This book has been divided into four modules containing 27 chapters in total. The first module is The Basics of Business Mathematics, the second is Principles of Bookkeeping, the third module is titled Special Accounts, and the last module is Final Accounts. Some of the chapters present in this book include Accounts Of Non-Trading Organisations, Accounting From Incomplete Records (Single Entry System), Consignment Account, Maintenance Of Cash/ Subsidiary Books And Ledger, Basic Accountancy Procedures, Trial Balance, Rectification Of Errors And Adjusting & Closing Entries, Accounting In Computerised Environment, and Foreign Exchange Arithmetic.
Some other chapters in this book are titled Inventory Valuation, Leasing And 1-lire-Purchase, Ratio Analysis, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Definition, Scope and Accounting Standards, Depreciation Accounting, Joint Venture, Capital And Revenue Expenditure, Calculation Of YTM, Partnership Accounts, Final Accounts Of Banking Companies, Capital Budgeting, Bills of Exchange, Company Accounts -I, Company Accounts - II, and Balance Sheet Equation.
Concepts such as Cash Flow, Banking Algorithms, Balance Sheets, and Accounting Ratios have been discussed at length, along with the newest financial reporting standards. Through the course of Accounting & Finance For Bankers, the readers are also taught the fundamental concepts in Business Mathematics and Bookkeeping. This book also provides insight on subjects such as Special Accounts, Annual Accounts, Daily Quantitative Practices, and Final Accounts. The concepts explained in this book are done by making use of numerous simple examples, along with exercises for readers to gauge their progress.  
Students must have an understanding of the subject of Finance to use this book to the fullest. Accounting & Finance For Bankers was written by the Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance and was published by Macmillan in 2012.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780230636125
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Publisher Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan
Edition: 2 ed
No of Pages: 542
ISBN-10: 0230-63612
Publisher Date: 01/2008
Language: ENGLISH