Anabhra Ratri Ki Anupama - Hindi
About the Book
In the words of Rajat Agarwal, "I have seen people who are philosophers. These people who are essentially feelers by nature, the ones who seem to understand human emotions to the core. Making use of analogy and art, these people are masters at expression. Then these are those who are workers. These are the people who take the philosophical guidelines and convert them into actions. Logical and work oriented, they are straightforward and direct. Sourav has been a pleasant surprise to this understanding of mine. He is a philosophical worker. A person who thinks and feels. It is hard to believe that a person at such a young age can feel human emotions the way he does. Behind his youthfulness you will find a very sensitive person. His poems are a window into the contemporary society. His poems speak about human pain in a mesmerizing manner that is sure to leave a deep impact in your heart. Sometimes while reading the poems he has written, I have felt my reasonable self give way to the emotional self, felt my heart feel the emotions the poet in him depicts so beautifully. I am sure Sourav's work will make its mark in the field of literature. And for you, it is surely going to be a wonderful reading, heart touching reading."
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788184658354
Publisher: Sourav Roy
Publisher Imprint: Sourav Roy
Language: Hindi
ISBN-10: 8184658354
Publisher Date: 2011
Binding: Paperback
No of Pages: 172