Anger Goes Up, Fear Goes Down- Emotions and the Hidden Link
About the Book
Most of us are aware of the array of emotions present in our daily lives. Some of them manifest themselves occasionally; others are more frequent and are basically parts of our personality. This work explores what happens inside our body and how our internal mechanism deals with the variety of emotions. Each individual emotion is discussed showing the effect it can have on one or more of the organs. . The readers will be exposed to the foundations of Chinese medicine, presented in a clear and interesting way. The information presented in this book was, up until now, largely restricted to Chinese medicine therapists and, for the first time, this material is made accessible to everyone. . The readers will be able to understand the link: mind-body-emotion. . The readers will be able to learn to detect early signs of disease. . They will be able to understand the internal mechanism of emotions.
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Publisher Date: 02 Aug 2004
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