The Break Up
About the Book

Love! Does this word ring a bell? Sure it does! It is an emotion so common and yet so complicated. Comprehended, expressed, felt, believed and hilariously even ‘practiced’. Both scientifically and philosophically numerous conclusions have been arrived at as to why love happens – yet, love has no bounds and knows no ‘logic’.

This book attempts in its right earnest to take you through the pursuit of love and its various ‘interpretations’ by means of 21 short stories and 7 poems. You may identify yourself with a character, either in full or part in a story or may be several stories. You may smile, laugh, cry, rejoice and be one with your inner being. Or you may just shrug it off as ‘cheesy’ and ‘childish’! Whatever may be the case, I believe, it would be an ‘amusing’ experience. Emotions are what make us human, and life worth living.

Love of all, is proclaimed to be the purest. With patience dwindling fast and faith fading away, bonds for a life time are broken in just a few months or even in a matter of days, more frequently than ever before.

The story ‘The Break Up’ is a mirror to the guy and the gal ‘interpreting’ the relationship differently and then breaking up. Beyond this story, you may find a glimpse of love beyond the ‘guy’& ‘gal’ relationship in some other stories and the whole hearted effort is directed at bringing out a ‘holistic’ view of the emotion.

The story ‘Most Helpful Sandeep’ is about a young software professional who falls for an open minded girl and subsequently events take a weird turn.

The story titled ‘Salim’ is the tale of a Kashmiri young boy who loves his father dearly and his way of thinking undergoes a sea change after the demise of his father.

‘Missed Call’ is a girl’s story who keeps on calling her boyfriend even months after he has died. ‘For the sake of pain’ is about an author inflicting pain on him intentionally as he believes it will give his writing more depth.

‘Happy new year’ is about a party animal’s experience who decides to celebrate the occasion in a different manner and ends up meeting a security guard who is still in love with a girl who he hasn’t seen for years.

‘Blue Berry Muffins’ is a tale of a lover who attempts to convince himself that he has found his true love even when he knows that it is not real. ‘One happy love story’ paints the concept of true love as seen by the author. These along with other stories, poems explore the proverbial ‘true love’ and bring out the common man’s pursuit of finding ‘the soul mate’.


About the Author
A mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur, Vijayendra Haryal is from the Class of 2008, IIM Ahmedabad. He is now working as a Business Manager at a leading MNC. He recently co-authored India’s first most comprehensive book on Social Media. His passion for writing fiction ignited when his stories, poems got featured on the ‘writer’s forum’ of a leading television channel. Some of his work has got featured in renowned collections subsequently. An ardent observer of 'creative pursuits' (Entrepreneurship, writing, music, sketching hence on and so forth), he believes that there is some  method to what the world perceives as madness....
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788184301335
Publisher Date: 15 Dec 2011
ISBN-10: 8184301332
Publisher Imprint: Prabhat Prakashan
Language: ENGLISH