Chambers Terms to Make You Squirm
About the Book
Ever heard a word that made you cringe? Terms to Make You Squirm focuses on the words and phrases that we over and misuse, words that have become clichés, and words that are easily confused. Using contemporary examples, it shows us why certain words and phrases should be used sparingly—if at all—and by offering suitable replacements it can help us avoid using those terms that make us squirm.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780550104755
Publisher Date: 19 Jun 2009
Continuations: English
Height: 175 mm
No of Pages: 200
Width: 106 mm
ISBN-10: 0550104755
Publisher: Trans-Atlantic Pubns
Acedemic Level: Academic_Level
Book Type: Academic_Level
Depth: 19
Language: English
Sub Title: 200 Words You Shouldn't Use