Connect the Dots
About the Book
Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal delves into the ardent lives of 20 true-life entrepreneurs without an MBA degree to grace their job profiles, but who through their determinations, experiences, dreams and creative talents, culminates in the path of success.
The book revolves around the stories of 20 aspiring entrepreneurs without the stamped of the much coveted MBA degree but, who nevertheless made it big in the world of business. They were born with a strong desire to lead a meaningful and high-spirited life irrespective of what destiny had in store for them.
Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal is considered a sequel to her first book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish which puts special emphasis on the lives of 25 entrepreneurs coming from IIM-A. The book Connect The Dots is divided into three sections namely Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan. The three sections are flooded with an interesting mix of entrepreneurs coming from all walks of life.
The first section Jugaad focus on entrepreneurs with no formal training in any form of business ventures but, who through experimentation, observation and application took the plunge into achieving what they wanted. The section talks about people like Kunwer Sachdev, Ganesh Ram, Prem Sachdev, Hanmant Gaikwad, Suresh Kamath amongst others.
The second section Junoon deals with people who have a strong urge to tread a particular idea or a passion. The people discussed in this section include R Sriram, Satyajit Singh, Chetan Miani and the like.
The third section of the book, Zubaan, probes into the lives of those people who are affluent in creativity yet does not have a platform to showcase them. This section of the book features such personalities as Kalyan Varma, Paresh Mokashi and Abhijit Bansod.
The book Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal is declared a bestseller. It sold over 100,000 copies. The book was also shortlisted for the Economist Crossword Popular Award in the year 2010.
About The Author
Rashmi Bansal is not only a writer but an entrepreneur, a columnist and a co-founder and editor of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She delivers speech and lectures in various eminent management schools including the IIMs.
She wrote four books all of which were bestsellers. Apart from Connect the Dots, she authored Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, I have a Dream, and Poor Little Rich Slum.
Rashmi Bansal has an intimate writing style. As an Indian writer she makes use of Hindi words in her writing which brings out uniqueness in her style. She has been widely appreciated for her lucid description of events in the course of the book.
Rashmi Bansal is an Economic student who graduated from Sophia College, Mumbai. She later pursued an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788190453028
Publisher: IIM
Country Of Origin: India
Gardner Classification Code: O03
Illustrations: coll. Illustrations
No of Pages: 305
Spine Width: 19 mm
Year Of Publication: 2010
ISBN-10: 8190453025
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1
Height: 212 mm
Language: ENGLISH
Pagination: coll. Illustrations
Width: 140 mm