Essential Microbiology for Dentistry
About the Book

The new edition of a highly successful book, this text covers both general and oral microbiology, concentrating on areas of direct relevance to clinical dentistry. It offers information on systemic infections that patients may have, plus more specific information on oral infections that may cause caries or periodontal disease. In-depth coverage includes immunology, infection control, and a glossary of immunological and bacteriological terms.

Contents of the book :

Part 1 General microbiology

Bacterial structure and taxonomy
Bacterial physiology and genetics
Viruses and prions
Pathogenesis of microbial disease
Diagnostic microbiology and laboratory methods
Antimicrobial chemotherapy
Part 2 Basic immunology
The immune system
The immune response
Immunity and infection
Part 3 Microbes of relevance to dentistry
Streptococci, staphylococci and micrococci
Lactobacilli, corynebacteria and propionobacteria
Actinomycetes, clostridia and bacillus species
Neisseria, veillonella, parvobacteria and capnocytophaga
Vibrios, campylobacters and wolinella
Bacteroides,Tannerella, porphyromonas and prevotella
Fusobacteria, leptotrichia and spirochaetes
Mycobacteria and legionellae
Chlamidiae, rickettsiae and mycoplasmas
Viruses of relevance to dentistry
Fungi of relevance to dentistry
Part 4 Infections of relevance to dentistry
Infections of the respiratory tract
Infections of the cardiovascular system
Infections of the central nervous and locomotor systems
Infections of the gastrointestinal tract
Infections of the genitourinary tract
Skin and wound infections
Viral hepatitis
Human immunodeficiency virus infection, AIDS and infections in compromised patients
Part 5 Oral microbiology
Normal oral flora, the oral ecosystem and dental plaque
Microbiology of dental caries
Microbiology of periodontal disease
Dentoalveolar infections
Oral mucosal and salivary gland infections
Part 6 Cross infection and control
Principles of infection control
Infection control procedures in dentistry
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