Evolution and the Problem of Natural Evil
About the Book
Is the evolutionary process intelligently designed? If so, why did the Creator choose such an evil-infested means to create the biosphere? What is the intrinsic nature of evil itself? Is natural evil necessary? Is evil compatible with the existence of God? Will the world's evils ever be totally redeemed? What place does humanity occupy in the cosmic scheme of things? "Evolution and the Problem of Natural Evil" attempts to answer these and other timeless questions by proposing a bold new conceptual synthesis that aggressively marries the tenets of modern developmental psychology to the basic concepts of classical theism. The end result of this novel approach is deeply encouraging, insofar as it places the problem of evil, as well as the general fate of human existence, in a much larger and more optimistic context than has traditionally been imagined.
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ISBN-13: 9780761818120
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Publisher Date: 22 Nov 2000
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Year Of Publication: 2000
ISBN-10: 076181812X
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