Garden and Landscape Practices in Precolonial India
About the Book
The articles in this volume present new ways of looking at historical landscapes and garden cultures. While its focus on the Deccan and central India in pre-colonial times marks a move away from the predominant study of Mughal gardens amongst scholars, its questions, archives
and methodologies distinguish it from standard art-historical studies.
Scholars from across the disciplines — history, literature, archaeology, architecture, art history — access a variety of sources ranging from illustrated manuscripts, poems, political chronicles and paintings to architecture, astrology, medicinal texts, urban layout and morphology to argue for a recognition of landscapes and gardens as dynamic spaces for interaction and negotiation in pre-colonial India. The articles understand gardens in two related ways: as real or imagined spaces as well as manipulated landscapes frequently invested with intense meanings, and as a set of institutions and practices with far-reaching social ramifications for the constitution of elite societies — thus, at once a physical space, a cultural object and a literary-cum-artistic trope.
Through its novel approach and questions, and its methodological rigour, the volume makes a contribution to the growing field of garden and horticultural studies in history, while also contributing to the deeply-felt need to find new sources for historical study, and new ways of
studying existing historical sources.
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