Doing Gender, Doing Geography
About the Book
For a long time, the discipline of geography had remained one where gender was invisible in the analysis of social space and place. Although recent contributions by feminist geographers have challenged this gender-blindness of conventional epistemology, Indian geographers — conservative in their choice of focus and methodologies — have been reluctant to destabilise the established disciplinary order. Some younger scholars, however, have become increasingly interested in studying gender through a geographical lens, and are using novel and innovative methods that combine quantitative and qualitative analyses, visual sources and in-depth case studies to do so. This pioneering book brings together the contributions of Indian geographers to understanding gender in India. For geography, it opens a new vista and presents new ways of doing research in gender geography and in so doing enriches both the disciplines of geography and gender/women’s studies in India at large. For the Indian social sciences it reclaims the explanatory power of space and place that had been nearly lost in the wake of deconstruction-oriented postmodernist social theory. The edited volume foregrounds the production of knowledge as a contextualised process, but also hopes to initiate a dialogue with scholars who are located elsewhere and who are working with feminist methodologies
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