About the Book
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a science fiction story, about an annual event between two districts that requires two participants to fight to the death in a televised battle. Summary Of The Book The Hunger Games is narrated by the protagonist of the story, Katniss Everdeen. The story unfolds in the district of Panem, during the post-apocalyptic period. The district has a time-honoured tradition called the Hunger games. Two participants (a girl and a boy) are chosen via a lottery system from each district, to fight until death, in an area filled with forests, lakes, and mountain ranges. When her sister Primrose is chosen to participate in the game, Katniss adamantly volunteers to go in her place. The male competitor from District 12 is Peeta, the baker’s son. Both participants are taken to an area called the Capitol. The Capitol is a harsh and cruel place. They keep all the districts on edge by forcing them to send a girl and boy, between the ages of 12 to 18, to fight in the Hunger games. Once the contestants reach the Capitol, their coach Haymitch Abernathy, his assistant Effie, and their designer Cinna, work together to create a strategy for both players to enact in the battlefield. Katniss and Peeta have to behave like star-crossed lovers who couldn’t stand to inflict pain on each other. The goal is to create a memorable impression and gather extra sponsorship. After weeks of preparation, Peeta and Katniss enter the Arena to fight. Here, it is important to remain alive, but Katniss can not bear the thought of killing tributes and becoming a murderer. How can the star-crossed lovers defy the Capitol and still stay alive? In the end, both have to fight to stay alive, but will the Capitol ever agree to two victors instead of one? The publication of The Hunger Games has met with resounding success. In 2008, it was named as the “Best Books of the Year” by Publishers Weekly. The New York Times awarded it the “Notable Children’s Book of 2008”. In 2012, a movie based on the book was released, grossing over $152 million in the first week. About Suzanne Collins Suzanne Collins is a bestselling author, and television script writer, who hails from Hartford, Connecticut. She has authored numerous books in the science fiction and children’s literature genre. Some of these titles are Catching Fire, The Underland Chronicles, When Charlie McButton Lost Power, and Mockingjay. Collins earned a double major in Telecommunications and Drama from Indiana University. Her writing career began in 1991 when she wrote for television shows and worked for Nickelodeon. After a meeting with acclaimed children’s book author James Proimos, Collins wrote Gregor The Overlander, which became a New York Times Bestseller. Due to the huge success of her The Hunger Games, Time magazine named her as the most influential people in 2010. Collins, her husband, and their two children, reside in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
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ISBN-13: 9788184771695
Publisher: Scholastik India Pvt Ltd
Publisher Imprint: Scholastik India Pvt Ltd
Language: English
Type: Children / Juvenile
ISBN-10: 818477169X
Publisher Date: 01/2009
Binding: Paperback
No of Pages: 384