Information Technology: Strategic Decision Making For Managers
About the Book
This book gives them the tools to effectively manage technology in a 21st Century organization. The author clearly demonstrates how to best allocate resources to and within the technology function. He also includes a framework for determining IT strategy given the dynamic environment of electronic commerce and the Internet. Throughout the chapters, emphasis is placed on strategy and management issues to show the relevance of information technology. · Technology Transforms the Organization · A Dynamic Model of IT Strategy in a Net centric Economy · New Business Models · Organizational Transformation with IT · Globalization and IT in International Business · Assessing the Value of Investing in IT: The Productivity Paradox · Making the IT Investment Decision · Choosing Technology · Implementing IT · Structuring and Managing the IT Function · Management Control of Information Technology · The Legacy Environment · The First Component: Computer Systems · The Second Component: The Database · The Third Component: Powerful Networks · Electronic Commerce: Changing How Business is Done · Business Process: Examples from ERP and CRM · Decision and Intelligent Systems · Knowledge Management: Benefiting from Core Competencies · Technology Haves and Have Nots: The Digital Divide in the US and the World · Ethical Issues and a Look Ahead
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ISBN-13: 9788126517596
Publisher Date: 07 Nov 2008
Language: English
Series: Wse
ISBN-10: 812651759X
Publisher: WSE
Binding: Paperback
No of Pages: 461
Sub Title: Inf. Technology