Kashi Marnanmukti
About the Book

Kashi Marnanmukti is a spiritual treasure?gifted by Thou through the authors as a medium to?humankind and is proving to be an imporatant twenty?first century vehicle in spreading the real source of knowledge of the?Hindu Philosophy. The book gives a penetrating vision to the reader of?the glorious journey of the Supreme Awakening; the journey from?limited individuality to the absolute union with God; the journey from?Jeev (Being) to Shiv (Lord Shiva). The sacred teachings, based on the?Shiv and other Purans (Indian Scriptures), contained within the pages?of this book, revealed in an esoteric story narrative form, shows us?the path towards our final destination.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788191092721
EAN: 9788191092721
Publisher Date: 2011
Language: HINDI
ISBN-10: 8191092727
Publisher: Shiv Om Sai Prakashan
Publisher Imprint: Shiv Om Sai Prakashan
Edition: 3
No of Pages: 502