Legends of the Moonstones
About the Book
If we know much of how life was in the history of mankind—we know if one was rich or famous; how about for the average person? In Moonstones, you can visit a gypsy camp while trying to wrest your friend’s baby from their clutches, travel through perilous country when rescuing your grandmother when you are but a 10 year old girl; wake up (after an evening of debauchery) in a Roman graveyard next to a wise old gnome with leprosy; defend home and family from marauding savages before the days of police or fire departments, sail a schooner to faraway places when you are but a 14 year old boy, wait for your crusader fiancé to return for 15 years, making the best use of your time and talent, learn to accept differences in your children before it is too late, learn to love someone quite ugly to your eyes, leave all your earthly comforts behind to move your family to the wilderness amongst Indians and wild animals and other adventures. These are some of my past lives and I am grateful to recall so much; Thank you, power that is. And so it is....
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ISBN-13: 9780595271207
EAN: 9780595271207
Publisher Date: 06 Mar 2003
Bood Data Readership Text: General (US: Trade)
Gardner Classification Code: F05
Illustrations: black & white illustrations
MediaMail: Y
Pagination: 252 pages, black & white illustrations
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 18 mm
UK Availability: MD
Year Of Publication: 2003
ISBN-10: 0595271200
Publisher: iUniverse
Binding: Paperback / softback
Dewey: FIC
Height: 232 mm
Language: English
No of Pages: 252
PrintOnDemand: Y
Series Title: English
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Width: 155 mm