Letter from Major Burghall to the Honourable the Directors of the East-India-Company
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Birt after fome interval of reflection I refolved to adopt the mod vigorous and effectual meafures, as well for the vindication of my character, as for the recovery of my employment in the Company sfervice. Leaft, however, the (harpnels of my feelings fliould mifguide my judgment, and betray me into any error or impropriety in the mode of proceeding for the attainment of juftice, I no lon,er trufted to my own iingle and unaffifled opinion, but fought for the aid of legal advice and direftion. My firft ftep with this view was, to lay all the relative papers and fa ls of my cafe before my folicitor; and afterwards through him, thefe, with a ftatement of the principal occurrences in the firm of a cafe, were fubmitted for the confide ation of counfeh The refult h, that 1am encouraged by the counfel thus inftrucled, once more, Gentlemen, to offer myfelf for your confideration a;nd: juftice. Notwithftanding too fo unfdvorable a decision in the firil inftance, I truft you will give me the fame candid and impartial hearing as if it was intirely a new cafe. Severely as thh firft judgment operates, whilfl it is un epealed, I have never imputed to any member of your body the leaft wilful injuftice.
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