Marathon Baba
About the Book

Marathon Baba: (The book you want)

Author: Six feet one inches of guts

Genre: Kick-ass Fiction

Number of pages: You'll wish there were more
Theme: Gods..Drugs..Peace and all that bullshit!
Price: Costlier than pirated, cheaper than original
Language: Uncensored!
"My marathon starts from the finish line," said Marathon Baba.
He runs through his country for seven long years until he miraculously turns red and builds Marathon Ashram. Hundreds of runaways descend on the Ashram and become its residents. 'It's not about the pace, it's about the peace,' said Marathon Baba. 
Thirty-three Deadly Disciples find their peace in the freedom of the Ashram and devote themselves to their Red Guru. "For the Ashram to live, Marathon Baba must die," say the Deadly Disciples.
He was warned. Running is injurious to health.
Witty, wacky and weedy, Marathon Baba is a wondrous tale about the cult of a man who couldn't stop running.
About The Author
Girish Kohli was born on the day when a dog in the US was put on trial and executed for barking too much. Girish hasn't passed out of the IITs or the IIMs. He doesn't have a day job either. If you wish to speak to him, you will not find him on either Facebook or Twitter. He drives a jeep without a spare tyre and is the author of two unpublished novels. Marathon Baba, his third book which has been published first, is the only book in the world based on a pair of unused running shoes.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788172343910
Publisher: Fingerprint
Height: 7.75 mm
No of Pages: 256
ISBN-10: 8172343914
Publisher Date: 01 Jan 2012
Edition: 1st
Language: ENGLISH
Width: 5 mm
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