Peggy's Violin: A Butterfly in Time: Teacher's Guide
About the Book
Our story begins in Milan, Italy in 1702, in the workshop of Giovanni Grancino and ends at the very moment that it is being told. The butterfly violin is not a world class Stradivarius; it is one of the violins heard on this recording and it is often played by Peggy (McGuire) Hills in the second violin section of an ensemble or orchestra. It may not be the most expensive or incredible violin in the world, but it is a wonderful instrument. Just like you, it has a beautiful voice, its own personality and an interesting story to tell. String players' instruments are like an extension of themselves. Peggy's violin is very dear to her and goes everywhere with her. She has recounted parts of its story to her students many times over the past 30 years, but working with Barbara York in 1998 made it come alive for her in a new way. Now she wants to share her "little butterfly" violin and its story with you so that you can experience her journey. "A Butterfly in Time" was originally created as an educational show to support the Ontario curriculum guidelines for the performing arts. It has helped students form a better understanding of chamber music.
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ISBN-13: 9781897166437
EAN: 9781897166437
Publisher Date: 01/09/2007
ISBN-10: 1897166435
Publisher: Concert Theatre for Kids