People from Tangier-Tetouan: People from Tangier, People from Tetouan, Ibn Battuta, Paul Bowles, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Alexander Spotswood
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Editorial Reviews - People From Tangier-T touan From the Publisher Chapters: People From Tangier, People From Tetouan, Ibn Battuta, Paul Bowles, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Alexander Spotswood, Redone, Mohamed Choukri, Marcellus of Tangier, Mohamed Mrabet, Moumen Smihi, Hicham Chami, Abdessadeq Cheqara, Shlomo Ben-Ami, Malika El Aroud, Mulai Ahmed Er Raisuni, Joseph A. Mcphillips Iii, Sanaa Hamri, Driss Temsamani, Emmanuel Hocquard, Ralph Benmergui, Cristóvão Da Costa, Yosef Maimon, Ali Lmrabet, Hichem Hamdouchi, Jane Bowles, Abderrahmane Youssoufi, Ali Boussaboun, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Alexandre Rey Colaço, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Fernand Melgar, María Teresa Campos, Jamal Zougam, Hassan Akesbi, Mohammed Azaay, Hagen Schulze, Francisco Javier Benet, Daniel-Yitzhak Levy, Bibiana Fernández, David Cazès, Karim Debbagh, Jorge Colaço, Ahmad Ibn Ajiba, Esther Bendahan, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Abdelkhalek Torres, Omar Berdouni, Shlomo Dayan, Cassian of Tangier, Mohammed Daoud, Ha-Mim, Ali Yata, José Hernández, Heinz Tietjen, Abdeslam Boulaich, Mohammed Al-Haik, Margarita Lozano, Elena Benarroch. Excerpt: Paul Frederic Bowles (December 30, 1910 November 18, 1999) was an American expatriate composer, author, and translator. Following a cultured middle-class upbringing in New York City, during which he displayed a talent for music and writing, Bowles pursued his education at the University of Virginia before making various trips to Paris in the 1930s. He studied music with Aaron Copland and in New York wrote music for various theatrical productions, as well as other compositions. He achieved critical and popular success with the publication in 1949 of his first novel The Sheltering Sky, set in what was known as French North Africa, which he had visited in 1931. In 1947 Bowles settled in Tangier, Morocco, and his wife, Jane Bowles followed in 1... More:
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