Personal and Household Organizer
About the Book

The Personal and Household Organizer is designed for the woman who is overwhelmed to cope up with all the demands of a busy life. It is a collection of simple and inspiring planning worksheets and checklists that are designed to empower women across the world to edit their routines, habits and mindsets to bring CONTROL to their work and home front and enjoy a harmonized living. Content of the Organizer * PLAN - Year, month and week at a glance with to do’s, reminders, meals planning and goals, etc… * MONEY - Bill payments and budgets * CONTACTS - emergency, bank, medical, utilities, service providers and classes, etc… * TIPS - checklists, schedules, tips and guidance, etc… * ‘I/ME/MYSELF’ - goals, notes, ideas and thoughts, etc…

About the Author

Hi, I am Neha Solanki a wife to an IT genious, mom to a lovely boy, an enterpreneur, an etiquette trainer an organization freak and to top it all a lover of "me time".The benefits of the systems and the processes in business inspired me to design a system that will help me and many other women to balance their work and home front efficiently and enjoy a harmonized living.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9789383952618
Publisher: OCC
No of Pages: 136
ISBN-10: 938395261X
Publisher Date: 2015
Language: ENGLISH