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To a nation fed on classical music, the advent of Rahul Dev Burman with his repertoire of Western beats was a godsend. RD revolutionized Hindi film music in the 1970s, and with his emphasis on rhythm and beats, this Pied Piper of Hindi film music had young India swinging to his tunes. At the same time, this genius proved his many detractors who criticized him for corrupting popular taste wrong by composing some of the most influential raga-based songs in Hindi cinema and showing an immense comfort with all kinds of music, including Indian folk. RD: The Man, The Music looks at the phenomenon called R.D. Burman and how he changed the way Indians perceived Hindi film music. Through anecdotes and trivia that went into the making of Pancham’s music – the many innovations he introduced, like mixed rhythm patterns, piquant chords and sound mixing – and through interactions with the musicians who were part of RD’s team, the authors create a fascinating portrait of a man who, through his music, continues to thrive, even fifteen years after his death.

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Arpan Guha(1391 Days Ago)Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star


This is a great book on the most famous music director of India. There are interesting anecdotes leading to the creation of songs. Burman's love life and marraige has been dealt in a detailed manner by the authors. I did not know most of the things which are mentioned in the book. I have read biographies of stars by reputed writers, but this book is certainly the best in the genre as Burman is treated as a normal human being and not a God. Most people try to glorify their protagonists beyond everything. Especially people writing on someone like Rafi or Naushad make them Allah's appointed messiahs. The bio on Noorjehan was an exception though. Here, writers have fiercely opposed Burman's stooping down to the demands of the producers during the late eighties. They are right as Burman was not able to sustain his success or his magic in the late eighties. The role of LP and B Lahiri in creating a mess of eighties music is also mentioned. I relate more to eighties, and I would say that the writers have hit the nail on hit head.

DIPANKAR BISWAS(1774 Days Ago)Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star



dipankar biswas(1774 Days Ago)Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star


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