How to Save Your Home & Credit, Stay Payment Free & Get Cash Out Legally from Mortgage Foreclosure
About the Book
This book is written by an investor who is specialized in mortgage foreclosures and default mortgage notes. It discloses secretes that lenders do not want you to know in mortgage foreclosures. It gives you step-by-step guide on how to save your home and credit, stay payment free, or walk away with cash legally if your home foreclosure is inevitable. By going through this book, you will learn followings: 1) Five key elements to fight against home foreclosure successfully 2) Step by step guide on how to achieve each of your goals 3) How to deal with your emotions to avoid costly mistakes 4) How to assess your financial situation and pick the right strategy to fight 5) How to respond to lender to pave the road to your success of avoiding foreclosure 6) Eight right options to save your home with examples 7) Four options to stop/delay home foreclosure to save your credit or stay payment free 8) Seven options to walk away with cash legally from home foreclosure 9) Important resources where you can get assistance 10) How to avoid foreclosure scam artists 11) How to write a good hardship letter with examples Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Five Key Elements to Successfully Fight against Home Foreclosure Chapter 2 - Control Your Emotions to Avoid Costly Mistakes Chapter 3 - Foreclosure Myths, Laws, Timelines, Process, Lien Priority, and Consequences Chapter 4 - Why It Is Not Lender's Best Financial Interest to Foreclose Your Home Chapter 5 - Assess Your Financial Situation and Pick the Right Strategy to Fight against Foreclosure Chapter 6 - Respond to Your Lender Pave the Road to Your Success in Fighting Against Foreclosure Chapter 7 - Eight Options to Save Your Home A. Different Ways of the Loan Modifications by Examples B. Option 1 Obama Foreclosure Prevention Program C. Option 2 Reverse Mortgage for the Homeowners Aged 62 Years or above D. Option 3 Government Disaster Relief Program E. Option 4 Partial Claim of FHA Insured Loan F. Option 5 VA Programs for VA Guaranteed Loans and Active military Service Members G. Option 6 Make a Repayment Plan H. Option 7 Request Lender to Grant Forbearance I. Option 8 File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A Last Resort to Save Your Home J. How to Deal with Junior Lien Holder Chapter 8 - Four Right Ways to Stop/Delay Foreclosure to Save Credit or Stay Payment Free A. How to Sell Your Distressed Home B. Short Sales and How to Do It Right C. How to Do Deed-in-Lieu D. File for Bankruptcy a Last Resort to Stop Home Foreclosure Chapter 9 - Seven Right Ways to Get Cash Legally from Your Foreclosing or Foreclosed Home A. How to Get Cash from Buyer after Short Sale Is Completed B. Cash from Lender after Deed-in-Lieu Is Approved C. Cash from Lender after Your Home Is Foreclosed D. How to Get Cash out from Trustee Sale or Sheriff s Sale? Appendix A - Summary of the Foreclosure Laws by State Appendix B - Tips on How to Write a Good Hardship Letter Appendix C - Examples of Hardship Letters
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Publisher Date: 31 Mar 2009
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