Success Sutras for the 21st Century: A Trilogy of Wisdom
About the Book
 1.Chanakya's Political Wisdom Today, India is under attack, not only externally, from extremism, aggressive neighbours and rivals in trade pursuing and pushing their agenda, but it is also under strain internally, because of its hypocrisy, factionalism, poor governance, lack of civic norms and creaking infrastructure. At such a time, Chanakya's Political Wisdom is particularly relevant. Vivekacharya (Wisdom Guru) Pavan Choudary in this never before heard commentary presents Chanakya as the highest peak in political consciousness. This is a true political commentary on Chanakya as the highest peak in political consciousness. This is a true political commentary on Chanakya which will strike a chord in the mind of the politician, the statesman, as well as, the public. 2. Confucius' Social Wisdom Confucius was a sage and social philosopher of China whose teachings have deeply influenced East Asia for two thousand five hundred years. Confucius talks of duty, action and not just idle action, but wise action...that leads to a happy populace and restores social order. Confucius' Social Wisdom is a phenomenal amalgamation of Confucian understanding and Vivekacharyan interpretation of human nature: How should a person behave as the unit of a family, a society member and as a ruler? How social relationships can be brought in harmony? Why some societies succeeded while the others failed? What can India learn from successful and prosperous societies & vice-versa? 3. Kabir's Spiritual Wisdom Kabir's Spiritual Wisdom is the first ever book that highlights the essence of Kabir, not as a poet or spiritualist alone, but as a Success Guru. Vivekacharya (Wisdom Guru) Pavan Choudary, in this inimitable compilation, is making Kabir address issues of mentoring, love, friendship, humility, courage, desire, success, greed, wisdom and many more - that present themselves before us. Is enlightenment an illusion? What is self realisation? What defines a spiritual person? Can spirituality and material success coexist? How can one create enduring bases of success?
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ISBN-13: 9788190655545
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books
Publisher Imprint: Diamond Pocket Books
Language: English
Type: General (US: Trade)
ISBN-10: 819065554X
Publisher Date: 01 Dec 2011
Binding: Paperback
No of Pages: 201