The SuperMom Cookbook
About the Book
The SuperMom Cookbook takes Madhuri’s creativity into an exciting new space – the kitchen! Her cooking skills of 30 years come handy to rustle up wholesome meals for kids.
Using sneak and tweak cooking techniques, kiddie junk food favourites like burgers, pasta, pizza, bhel, and noodles are transformed into delicious, healthy, balanced meals!Sneaking in the nutrition, (kids will never know!) and tweaking the unhealthy stuff, is what SuperMom cooking is all about.
Once you acquire the SuperMom mojo, the world is your oyster. Amaze your family with wholesome food from different regions of India, and indeed, from different parts of the globe. Older kids can even participate in the kitchen and create their own favourites.

About the Author

Madhuri is not a chef. Or a dietician. Like millions of other moms, she’s a working mother. Author, painter, screenplay writer, Madhuri likes to explore the creative side of life. Her novel, Manhattan Mango is her most recent success.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788175992863
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publisher Imprint: Fingerprint! Life
Height: 229 mm
No of Pages: 292
ISBN-10: 8175992867
Publisher Date: May,2014
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Width: 152 mm