About the Book

Two young men, once close friends, are now superstars of the Mumbai film industry, and also each other's arch-rivals. A Don and a top film producer possess evidence to destroy each other and wish to reach a settlement. A fading diva wants to stage a big comeback no matter what it takes. A leading film actor is spurned by his slick girlfriend and is fired from his new movie. And a man in an American jail wants his own revenge. As lives of these characters entangle, a murderous stalker seems to be on the loose and dead bodies begin to be found on the Juhu Beach. The police and the media get busy and the panic in the city is palpable. Life in the glamourous lane is not all hunky-dory. Stardom comes at a high price. It's just that sometimes the price to be paid can be as high as one's life.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788172343941
Publisher: Prakash Books
Publisher Imprint: Fingerprint
Edition: 1
No of Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 8172343949
Publisher Date: 10/1999
Language: ENGLISH
Sub Title: Glorious Destinies Founded On Dark Secrets