Temple Architecture of Rajasthan
About the Book
The temple is the most significant and typical monument of Indian architecture. It sums up and represents the suitable values of Indian culture. The elaboration of the temple-structure followed the establishment of image-worship and the development of the rituals. It further developed into three distinct forms known as Nagara, Besara and Dravida which have their subtle variations in style and form. The art and culture of Rajasthan has a long and glorious tradition. The art is unsurpassed in artistic excellence and superb workmanship. It has flourished through temples, sculptures and paintings etc. The book attempts to present a comprehensive picture of the chronologically uninterrupted chain of Rajasthan Temples covering a vast period of time and wide area exhibiting regional idioms and variations and perceptible evolutionary trends. It explains the niceties of their architecture and many suitable variations in style and their evolution over the years. The book describes temples of the state dividing them on regional basis. The elaboration in design and ornamentation has been given exhaustive treatment in the description.
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