To D Or Not To D Working Towards An Amicable Divorce
About the Book

Is an amicable divorce an oxymoron? Caught between tradition and modernity, most Indians have mixed feelings about divorce. Is it the Indian thing to do? Is it fair to the children? Can married people seeking separation for life learn to accept their changed feelings for each other with equanimity? Divorce is never the easy option in the face of marital toxicity. And yet, sometimes it's necessary one, even if as a last resort. To help couples navigate the minefields in the divorce terrain. To D or Not to D explores the phenomenon in depth and looks at some things men and woman may never have thought about - but which they probably should have before taking such a life - changing decision. As always, Dr Vijay Nagaswami, best - selling author of the New Indian Marriage series, takes the reader down roads that need to be travelled with a light tread, pointing out along the way what one needs to keep in mind before taking a decision and that if indeed the decision to D has to be taken, an amicable divorce is neither a mirage nor an oxymoron.

About the Author

Vijay Nagaswami is a psychiatrist, author and columnist who has worked extensively with and written prolifically about marital relationships in India, for the last thirty years. He has written five best - selling books and several column, the most notable being The Shrinking Universe which believes that marriages, if properly configured, can be enabling relationships, but does not subscribe to the nationwide obsession about marriage. Nor does he see marriage as an institution, but as a relationship between two consenting, though imperfect adults. He enjoys writing, for aside of reaching a wider audience, it gives him an opportunity of taking few weeks off and head for the hills, where he can consolidate his thoughts and give them full expression. His greatest teachers are those innumerable couples who do him the honour of letting him walk them through the vagaries and minefields of the New Indian Marriage. To D or NOT to D is his sixth book. He lives in Chennai, with Usha, his wife of twenty seven happy years, from whom he draws inspiration for all of his writing and most of everything else. He can be reached at and at

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ISBN-13: 9789384030704
Publisher: Westland
Publisher Imprint: Blaft/ Westland
No of Pages: 284
ISBN-10: 9384030708
Publisher Date: Dec,2014