The Weavers: The Curious World of Insects
About the Book

Did you know . . . - Dance flies of the family Empididae have been courting their mates for eons by presenting them with silk-wrapped prey as nuptial gifts. - There are at least twenty-three different categories of silk, each the result of natural selection and an independent evolutionary pathway. - Some moth-caterpillars will walk only on a path of silk, leaving human monarchy a tad inferior surely. - Silk is an excellent material for select surgical procedures. Since life evolved on this planet, there have been six major extinctions and insects - since their arrival 400 million years ago - have been amongst them! How did they survive when species after species went extinct? In a world that is fast collapsing to global warming and climate change, there is now an increased interest in knowing the secrets of insect survival. With silken thread forming the central motif, The Weavers brings together little-known aspects of insect life.

About the Author

Geetha Iyer is an ardent wildlife watcher, naturalist, author, teacher, and consultant in the twin fields of education and environment.  A Zoology graduate with a Ph.D. in Education from Madras University, she has several years of experience in the area of designing and executing science and environment education curriculum. She enjoys writing about bringing biodiversity into the classroom and regularly conducts workshops about the environment, education and natural history.

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ISBN-13: 9789351772286
Publisher: HarperCollins
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN-10: 9351772284
Binding: Paperback
No of Pages: 216