With Or Without You
About the Book

‘I want to play a game with you.’ ‘A game?’ ‘Yes. Hope I can trust you.’ ‘Of course.’ She handed over a small envelope and said, ‘Open this the day I tell you to. And if you open it earlier, I will come to know about it.’ ‘What is in it?’ ‘A time bomb.’ Aarav will do anything to get to the top of his organization. He will betray his colleagues; submit incorrect reports; sleep with the sexy and crafty Sonali; even abandon his disapproving wife in the middle of a romantic trip to London. Sonali uses his ambitious streak, promising to take him right to where he wants to be, if he does what she says. In his mad scramble to the top, does Aarav know what he is getting into? Is it as rosy up there as he imagined? What is Sonali’s real game? With or without You is for all those who have struggled to keep their jobs from ruining their lives.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780143067993
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Publisher Imprint: Penguin Books India
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN-10: 0143067990
Publisher Date: 2010
No of Pages: 224