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Karthik Kiran(1484 Days Ago)Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star

(Sheer Brilliance!!)

Definitely one of the best novels I have read in my life ! Politics is not a new thing here in India. It has been around since the beginning of time. The book portrays the powers of the cold and calculating Chanakya and how history repeated itself after 2300 years with Pandit Gangasagar - a renewed avatar of the age-old kingmaker.All Credit to the author for putting the facts in such a spellbinding manner.Enjoyed each and every ounce of the book !! I ve become a fan of this man Ashwin Sanghi.Such elegant writing !! ADI SHAKTI,NAMO NAMAH; SARAH SHAKTI, NAMO NAMAH; PRITHUM BHAGVATI,NAMO NAMAH; KUNDALINI MATA SHAKTHI; MATA SHAKTI,NAMO NAMAH.

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Book Details
ISBN-13: 9789380658674
Publisher: Westland
No of Pages: 468
ISBN-10: 9380658672
Publisher Date: 01 Nov 2011
Language: ENGLISH