About the Book
In June 1975, Coomi Kapoor was a young reporter at the Indian Express in Delhi, when Indira Gandhi declared a state of Emergency, suspending civil liberties and sending opposition leaders to prison. In the dark days that followed, she personally experienced the full fury of the misrule–her journalist husband was imprisoned on flimsy charges under the draconian MISA (Maintenance
of Internal Security Act), and her brother-in-law, Jana Sangh MP Subramanian Swamy, was on the run to evade arrest, while her family faced constant threats and harassment from the security forces.
Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi, her son Sanjay and his coterie unleashed a reign of terror that saw forced sterilizations, brutal ‘beautification’ drives that left thousands of people homeless overnight, and students and other innocent people jailed without cause or trial, while the press was firmly muzzled under strict censorship rules.

About the Author

Coomi Kapoor has been a political journalist for more than four decades, and is currently consulting editor at the Indian Express, where her popular column ‘Inside Track’, appears on Sundays.

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ISBN-13: 9780670087587
Publisher: Penguin Group Books
Publisher Imprint: Viking
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0670087580
Publisher Date: 01 Jun 2015
Binding: Hardback
No of Pages: 350