Environmental Impacts
About the Book
This book examines environmental impacts. It assesses residents? attitudes towards impacts on the environment in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and invites citizens to take leadership and participate in problem solving regarding the environment. This is the first study of its kind on the city. It is among the few in-depth works that query residents on actual participation and nonparticipation in community decision making about tourism and the environment, especially in terms of intensity of participation, nature, and frequency of involvement. This work contributes these new elements. It presents citizens? responses on solutions to correct environmental impacts in their community. The book adds, as well, to this area of research, by underscoring how citizens? perceptions have significance for democracy, public policy, governance, and public administration. The analysis has implications for citizens and their participation, planners, policymakers, public managers, local governments and agencies. The book is also useful to scholars in public administration, urban studies, environmental studies, political science, community studies, tourism, and anyone concerned about the environment.
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Publisher Date: 21 May 2009
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