Scent Of A Game
About the Book

Tsunami in the Jungle! Burree Maada, the famous Royal Bengal tigress, the pride of the tiger gene-pool, is mysteriously missing from the hight-security of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. Mystery thickens as an old man’s surreal dream about his son, Ram—a highly successful NRI settled in Silicon Valley—being ravaged by a tiger uncannily begins to come true; Ganga, a brilliant Forest officer protecting tigers, is unceremoniously transferred; Sherry, a vivacious investigative journalist, is attacked repeatedly by the wildlife mafia; and a debonair Maharaja and his royal guests plan to recreate old-time tiger-shikar, with deep, dark vengeance in mind. Set against the backdrop of wildlife conservation, Scent of a Game is a chronicle of tiger-poaching, big-game hunting and the international trade in endangered species worth billions of dollars. With its stark and unsettling storyline, this mystery-thriller transforms our understanding of not just the tiger and our environment, but life itself.


Raghav Chandra is a permanent civil servant. He has lived, for a large part of his life, around the beautiful forests and bewitching Tiger Reserves of Central India. He has closely observed and is passionately moved by the conflicts that are critically endangering our ecosystem and wildlife, particularly the tiger. He has Master's Degrees in Public Administration and Mathematics from Harvard and Delhi University.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788129131119
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Publisher Imprint: Rupa Publications India
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN-10: 8129131110
Publisher Date: May. 2014
No of Pages: 394