Sounds Of Silence
About the Book
A Bridge Across Two Worlds "Nan Umrigar's astonishing and well-illustrated story will certainly open up many minds. It asks many questions and provides some answers that give new insights of life's greatest mysteries." - Reincarnation International Magazine, U. K. "I had absolutely no leanings towards spirituality or spiritualism for that matter," says Nan Umrigar. "And I must admit that the space for God remained restricted to simple visits to the Zoroastrian fire temple on birthdays and auspicious occasions. But all of this changed with the death of my son Karl, a champion jockey, whose accident on the race track of Mumbai cut short a brilliant career. After Karl's death, we felt betrayed and gave up God and religion and the belief that if you were good, kind and truthful, nothing would go wrong. My grieving family questioned the unjust hand of fate, and nothing could fill the void, till the time I met some people who communicated with their loved ones from the spirit world." Soon, Nan also began communicating with her son and received messages that were to change her life forever. Karl was determined to show his mother the way to happiness. Sounds came in from the silence - conquering the great divide and proving that there is something far beyond the life we live. Sounds of Silence traces in moving detail her joy at coming in touch with Karl once again, and her gradual introduction to Meher Baba, her son's guru in the afterlife. In Sounds of Silence Nan bares her soul, reflecting her own initial scepticism and doubts, until the weight of the evidence left her in no doubt about the reality of the messages. This is a book that challenges many concepts about life and death and particularly life after death. Originally self-published, Sounds of Silence fast became an 'underground' bestseller, and a tremendous source of strength for thousands who were drawn to it. This is a story of a mother's unrelenting hope, and of a love that never dies.
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ISBN-13: 9788188479351
Publisher Date: 01 Apr 2012
Bood Data Readership Text: General (US: Trade)
Detail: Trade paperback (US)
Gardner Classification Code: O03
Illustrations: black & white illustrations
MediaMail: Y
Pagination: 258 pages, black & white illustrations
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 14 mm
Type: General (US: Trade)
Width: 140 mm
ISBN-10: 8188479357
Publisher: Yogi Impressions Books Pvt Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Edition: 1ST
Height: 216 mm
Language: English
No of Pages: 258
PrintOnDemand: Y
Series Title: English
Star Rating: 0
UK Availability: MD
Year Of Publication: 0