Detective Notebook: Are You Psychic?
About the Book
On film, on TV, and in literature, psychic and other paranormal phenomena are breaking out everywhere. But could any of these strange things occur in real life? And how can we tell if something weird is "really" going on? Young detectives can now explore this eternally intriguing topic from a scientific perspective, and discover the truth about apparitions, auras, ghosts, poltergeists, ouija boards, and clairvoyance. They'll get guidance on how to distinguish the real from the fake; advice on carrying out research projects and interviewing people who have had psychic experiences; and tests to check out their own and others' telepathic powers.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781402732331
EAN: 9781402732331
Publisher Date: 01 Oct 2006
Age-Min: 07
Dewey: 133.8
Grade-Min: 2nd Grade
Illustration: Y
MediaMail: Y
PrintOnDemand: N
Spine Width: 9 mm
ISBN-10: 1402732333
Publisher: Sterling
Age-Max: 12
Binding: Spiral
Grade-Max: 7th Grade
Height: 173 mm
Language: English
No of Pages: 96
Series Title: English
Width: 113 mm