Firewall Architecture for the Enterprise
About the Book
In this comprehensive guidebook, network security gurus Nobert Pohlmann and Tim Crothers deliver all the information you need to build the right firewall solution for your organization - and protect your network from unwanted intruders. Beginning with an incisive overview of TCP/IP vulnerabilities, Internet and intranet security threats, and firewall strategies, they show you step by step how to put together your system, from choosing firewall design scenarious to implementing encryption, authentication, and intrusion detection. Covering all of today's leading firewall products and network operating systems as well as PKI, PGP, and other complementary security solutions, this book is your road map to state-of-art network security.
Table Of Contents :
Contents:1. Business Transformatins IT Security and Introduction to the Firewall; 2. TCP/IP Technology for the Internet and Intranet; 3. Threats in Networks; 4. Elements of a Firewall System; 5. Concepts of Firewall Systems; 6. Firewall Systems and Encryption; 7. Authentication Procedures; 8. Evaluating Firewall Solutions; 9. Practical use of Firewall Systems; 10. Firewall Security Policy; 11. Special and Secondary Issues Related to Firewall Systems; 12. Theoretical Foundations of Firewall Systems; 13. Appendices
About Author :
Nobert Pohlmann is a founding member and Chairman of TeleTrusT, an organization dedicated to establishing cryptography standards, and serves on the management boards of several other security companies in Germany. Mr. Pohlmann is the recipient of two awards for security work form IT Services Magazine as well as the Aachen Prize for Innovation in Technology, and is a frequent conference speaker on security topics. This book is updated and adapted from his German-language bestseller, Firewall-Systeme, now in its fourth edition.Tim Crothers, CCNA, CIW, MCSE, MCT, CNE, is the chief security officer at ITM, a leading Internet security company. A specialist in TCP/IP, WAN architecture, and security, he has consulted, trained, and assessed security risks at companies such as IBM, Lucent Technologies, UPS, and DEC. He helped develop Prosoft's Internet security curriculum and speaks widely on security issues. His previous books include Internet Lockdown (Hungry Minds, 2001).
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ISBN-13: 9788170083498
Publisher Date: 01 Dec 2005
Binding: Paperback
Type: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-10: 8170083494
Publisher: Laxmi Publications
Publisher Imprint: Laxmi Publications
No of Pages: 480