Gender Equality, Development and Women Empowerment
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Population term refers to the total human inhabitants of a specified area, such as a city, country, or continent, at a given time. Popualtion study as a discipline is known as demography. It is concerned with the size, composition, and distribution of population; their patterns of change over time through births, deaths, and migration, and the determinants and consequences of such changes. Population studies yield knowledge important for planning, particularly by governments, in fields such a shealth, education, housing, social security, employment, and enviornmental preservation. such studies also provide information needed to formulate government population policies, which seek to modify demographic trends in order to achieve economic and social objectives.the true problems of living in politics, economics, education, marriage, etc are always problems of overcoming or reconciling opposites. They are divergent problems and have not solution in the ordinary sense of the word. They demand of man not merely the employment of his reasoning powers but the commitment of his whole personality.All social and political problems are interwoven that energy, for example, affects economics, which in turn affects health, which in turn affects education, work family life, and a thousand other things. The attempt to deal with neatly defined problems in isolation from one another, creates only confusion and disaster. About Author : The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is an autonomous non-profit institution registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 with it headquarters in Lucknow, U.P. (India). The Institute work mainly in the field of research and training, action oriented works, experiementation, welfare, documentation and developmental efforts which are innovative in nature. The Institute seeks to identify and contribute to the solution of the problems of State, National or of International importance.The Editorial Board members are specialists and having experitse in their subject areas with long empirical experience. A team of highly specialised mmbers of IDS has put in their effort in preparing this work. Contents : PrefaceWorld PopulationSome Population theories since MalthusPost Malthian TheoriesBiological theories of populationTheory of optimum population and optimum rate of population growthFighting with numbersComputer appliations in Population researchPopulation problemsFall outs of family welfare programme in IndiaPopulation Education in Indian UniversitiesPopulation explosiion and IndiaPopulation EducationPopulation Education of out of school youth and adultsPopulation Education through universities collegesPopulation education in India; An overviewPopulation Education: Concept and scopeRole of population EducationAnnexuresBibliographyIndex
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