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Since time immemorial, India has been associated with magnificence and luxury. Phrases such as 'living like a Maharaja' or the 'movie Mogul' transport one to India's glorious past. This is not just a conjecture; it is a picture strewn across Indian mythological tales, where lavishness of divine palaces was synonymous with happiness and was described in detail. 'The wonder that was India' has become part of the folklore that we spin out for the young. And it isn't just palaces that have been described in great detail but the fabled jewels of the Rajas and Maharajas as well, who ruled right up to the twentieth century. It was the only source of diamonds before they were discovered in South Africa. The Nizam of Hyderabad, for example, had a 184.5-carat Jacob Diamond as paper-weight on his study table!. India also has a rich legacy of architecture, sculpture and paintings that dates back to thousands of years. The Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi dates back to the second century BC and is the earliest evidence of Indian architectural skills. It would be unfair to make just a brief mention of the heritage art that includes sites like the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the temples of Khajuraho, the marvellous work of Mughal Architecture - inclusive of the very famous 'Taj Mahal' - (where the marble of the tomb is inlaid with semi-precious stones) and many more. The tapestry of India's cultural heritage is so rich that there are more than twenty-two monuments that have been marked as World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. It is against this background that this, "India in Luxury" has been compiled. This luxuriously illustrated volume showcases the finest accommodation available in India, and also offers you glimpses of the cities where these resorts are located. Time-honored building techniques and the traditional decor that was becoming extinct, was revived to create these oases of luxury.

Table of Contents:
1. Jaipur 2. Udaipur 3. Agra 4. Ranthambhore 5. Delhi 6. Mumbai 7. Shimla 8. Calcutta 9. Bangalore 10. Kerala
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ISBN-13: 9788172342890
Publisher Date: 2009
No of Pages: 252
ISBN-10: 8172342896
Publisher: Prakash Books India
Publisher Imprint: Prakash Books India
Language: ENGLISH