The Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales
About the Book
You must’ve read about the magic of the wizards. But have you read about the magic of the wild? Become friends with various wild creatures, know about their life-cycles and be a part of their adventurous and deadly journeys through these eight stories.

• Will Ayan solve the six riddles and find his dead father’s treasure? What does a scorpion have to do with it?
• For Madhu, the only way to take revenge on his class bully is to sacrifice a horned owl. What will be saved –Madhu’s respect or the owl?
• The jungle has turned against Scarab, the dung beetle. Will he escape the murderous mob and find the Land of the Setting Sun?
• What is the shocking secret that Gloaty, the wild goat, discovers of Pan, the God of the mountain wilds?

These and more chilling and thrilling stories…

Table of Contents:
The Land of the Setting Sun The Six Riddles The Nectar of the Angels The Steeds of Witches The Owl-man Coin Hanu and Sheru The Best Kept Secret The One Thousandth Cheetah
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9788179935330
Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Width: 120 mm
ISBN-10: 8179935337
Publisher Date: 2014
Height: 180 mm
No of Pages: 168