The Legends of Aveon9: The Train to Vexadus
About the Book

A magnum opus inspired by Indian mystical classics and Western sci-fi -Thousands of years into the future, humans find themselves the masters of a new planet, Aveon 9. While establishing their supremacy, they pissed off more natives than they pleased and of course there were repercussions.Now theres chaos and anarchy with three warring human factions fighting for dominance. This is a story of a native with extraordinary powers and two star-crossed lovers. Putting themselves at great risk, the trio are pitted against some potently evil forces in their bid to achieve a state of peaceful existence that humans have always dreamt of but never truly believed in. About the Author Comic book writer Shamik Dasgupta graduated from Calcutta University with Honors in English Literature. During his career Shamik has worked with comic book publishers such as Virgin Comics, Arkin Comics and Level 10 Entertainment. Shamik has been working with Rovolt Entertainment since January 2011 and is the architect of the epic world of Aveon 9.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9789350675700
Publisher: Rovolt Entertainment
Publisher Imprint: Rovolt Entertainment
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN-10: 9350675706
Publisher Date: 2012
No of Pages: 60