Top Gear: Planet Garage
About the Book
The garage: a den, a hiding place, a sanctuary, a workshop. A haven for the modern man.

Need somewhere to begin your fledgling and highly optimistic beer brewing enterprise? The garage. Want a place to stash your secret collection of hats? The garage. Maybe you just want to drum your fingers or whistle without being told to stop? Head for the garage and shut that door.

The garage is the ultimate multipurpose man cave, where all manner of pipe smoking, gadget mending (and breaking) and hoarding can occur. A shrine to masculinity celebrated in words and pictures by Top Gear’s World of Garage.

About the Author

Richard Porter is script editor for BBC's Top Gear and contributing editor for Top Gear magazine. He has written over 10 Top Gear titles, including the bestselling Big Book of Top Gear, The Top Gear Alternative Highway Code and How to Parachute into a Moving Car.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781849909686
Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Publisher Imprint: BBC Books
Depth: 22
Language: English
Width: 150 mm
ISBN-10: 1849909687
Publisher Date: May, 2015
Binding: Hardback
Height: 210 mm
No of Pages: 128