Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man
About the Book

Some say that Ultimate is the most misunderstood team flying disc field running sport on the planet. Most people think it's Frisbee football played barefoot and without boundaries. Those people are wrong. Ultimate is a sport played by 824,000 people a year in North America--more than korfball, lawn darts, lacrosse, and curling combined. Ultimate is so popular that it even has rules that are sometimes followed. This book will provide you with complete and total knowledge of the Ultimate game. THIS BOOK INCLUDES: -- The Eight Ultimate Player Types -- The 42 Most Common Nicknames -- 28 Near-Useless Throws on the Field -- How to Name Your Ultimate Team -- Where to Play Ultimate Without Being Mocked -- How to Score at an Ultimate Party -- Useful Playing Tips from Experts of the Game
PLUS: "HOW TO PLAY ULTIMATE IN EIGHT EASY STEPS - AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE " -- Can I play Ultimate with a mustache? -- Where do Ultimate babies come from? -- How can I become an Ultimate champion without practicing? -- What is "throwing Fire"? -- How can I survive a shark attack? About the author: Pasquale Anthony Leonardo IV has covered numerous championship Ultimate tournaments since 1997 and was the Media Director for the 2006 World Junior Ultimate Championships. In 2005 he co-wrote "Ultimate: The First Four Decades," which was reviewed in "Sports Illustrated" and featured on ESPN's live talk show "Cold Pizza." He also writes screenplays. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and/or somewhere out West.

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